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Virtual Play

Jul 17, 2015

Welcome to a longer than usual episode of Virtual Play, clocking in at approximately 75 minutes.  Bill and I talk about games from Origins and Dexcon, as well as some local games.  The main lesson for me from listening to the games is to think about the effect of the game's mechanics on the flow of an adventure and vice versa.  The example we talk about involves a Night's Black Agents game where I used some modified rules that I thought would make the characters more successful in their actions.  And they were, but because the setup for the adventure involved the PCs as part of an international, intergovernmental law enforcement task force, the adventure played out more like a police procedural than a spy thriller.  Other highlights include looks at Infinite Galaxies, a "Powered by the Apocalypse" science fiction setting that reminded me of seeing Star Wars for the first time, and a game Bill is co-authoring called Nitrate City, which uses Fate Accelerated  in a noiresque setting of film characters come to life.  I hope you enjoy the show!