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Virtual Play

Apr 7, 2016

Bill wanted to call this episode "Mel And Bill fix Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition," but I think the game mastering advice we talk about in the show applies to any game. There is nothing D&D specific about the ideas we discuss.  The excerpts are from D&D but they could easily have been from many other games.  We talk about ways we think games are more fun:  getting to play faster; paying attention to player flags for the things players want to see in the game; using hooks that matter; making failure matter; and making characters awesome--among other topics.  The show runs just under 60 minutes.  Let me know what you think!

Bill White
seven and a half years ago

Perhaps I've soaked up a bit too much Dungeon World; as a GM, I'd be itching to make a 'hard move', and a player rolling a '1' seems like a good opportunity to do that!

Olav Müller
seven and a half years ago

Great advice, I think you fixated a bit too much on the 1's. A 1 on a skill check isn't even an automatic failure in 5E.