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Virtual Play

Aug 15, 2015

Welcome back to Virtual Play!  In this episode Bill and I talk about some GM techniques using Torchbearer and Night's Black Agents for excerpts.  The games are a handful of games we played or ran at Gencon--I should say that either Bill ran or I played, since he ran a lot of games but I only played!  The episode runs a...

Jul 17, 2015

Welcome to a longer than usual episode of Virtual Play, clocking in at approximately 75 minutes.  Bill and I talk about games from Origins and Dexcon, as well as some local games.  The main lesson for me from listening to the games is to think about the effect of the game's mechanics on the flow of an adventure and...

May 22, 2015

Bill and I are once again joined by Hannah to talk about games from Camp Nerdly.  This show contains excerpts from Star Wars d6, Little Wizards, a Hellboy themed RPG, Night's Black Agents and Action Park, a parsely style game.  Duration is just under an hour.  Thanks for listening!

May 13, 2015

Bill and I talk about some of our recent experiences with games using cards for conflict resolution.  I recently played God-KIng, a game by Daniel Cruz Chan, that uses a normal deck of playing cards in places of dice for conflict resolution.  Basically, in each conflict, players are dealt four cards and add one card...

Mar 24, 2015

Hi,  In this episode Bill and I are joined by Ben Forest to talk about immersion in roleplaying games.  We'll use a couple of excerpts from Traveller games.  Ben ran one of the games; in the other the GM was Adam D.  Unsurprisingly, our conclusion on immersion is that it means different things to different...