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Virtual Play

Mar 15, 2014

Hi!  This is the first episode here at the new site!  I am excited to be publishing these podcasts again after a long hiatus.  Thanks to all who have been waiting for Virtual Play to resume--as I've said before--both of you!  In this episode, Bill and I talk about a few of the games we played at Dreamation 2014.  The show includes excerpts from Dungeon Crawl Classics, Ashen Stars, and Trail of Cthulhu.  The focus of the show is on the use of flashbacks and other time manipulation as a technique for adventure design.  Our discussion also includes a few minutes on a Traveller adventure I ran, but we have no excerpt because I lost the SD card.  Drat!  The episode clocks in at 75 minute--a little longer than usualI think it's worth it.  Enjoy the show!