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Virtual Play

May 13, 2015

Bill and I talk about some of our recent experiences with games using cards for conflict resolution.  I recently played God-KIng, a game by Daniel Cruz Chan, that uses a normal deck of playing cards in places of dice for conflict resolution.  Basically, in each conflict, players are dealt four cards and add one card from two that they already are holding.  Red suits are successes in mental conflicts; black suits are successes in physical conflicts.  Jokers indicate an outomatic loss, while aces indicate an automatic win--and aces trump jokers. I thoroughly enoyed the game and could see porting the card-based resolution mechanic for other uses.  Bill talks about using the Deck of Fate in Fate Core. The deck replaces fudge diceand also includes aspects written on the card that can be used to shape the fiction, invoked as aspects, and other ways.  This episode is approximately 55 minutes long.  Thanks for listening!